Exalt 0.3.0 released!

The game still doesn't have much as far as content goes, but the 'engine' part of it is moving along. Major additions include:

- A much improved dungeon generator.
- An AI framework and a simple AI to go with it.
- Item generation.
- Commands to do most of the basic actions of the game.
- Smells and sounds along tracking monsters.

I now have a much better road map laid out with an alpha build in sight. Look for releases to come more often.

But for now, go and check out the latest release in the downloads section!

The new dungeon generator is finished!

The majority of the work behind dungeon layout creation is finished, and I'm very happy with the results. In the future I'll be making things more interesting by adding lots of flavor to the rooms themselves, as well as some larger dungeon flavor features.

So for anybody who is interested, here's an overview of the algorithm I used:

1. Apply a template to the dungeon. This template can be chosen specifically, selected from a set of templates, or chosen completely at random - it's up to the Area definition file. This template marks the areas of the dungeon that will be left completely blank. For example, a template file for a big whole in the middle could look like this:


Back at it again

My latest break from working on Exalt is now over and I've once again got the itch to start making some good progress towards an alpha release. I'm in the process of digging back into the code, trying to pick up where I left off, and seeing areas that can be improved upon. Luckily, I've heavily commented the code, so picking things up again is turning out to be a lot easier. Commenting is a pain, but it really does help, even on a one man project.

Look forward to some more screenshots and blog posts as I get more and more working!

Name change

RogueRunner is now known as Exalt. I'm in the process of updating everything on this site, as well as other locations.

I never really liked the name much, and I hated having 'Rogue' be in the name. I wanted to have a name that didn't piggyback on someone else's well known name. If I was going to change the name, it ought to be now, BEFORE anybody really knows about it. That way there's no confusion later on when the name suddenly changes.

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