The similar role of sound

Sound is yet another example of something simple that can add a lot to gameplay, and the feel of the game in general. Roguelikes especially make use of stealth and speed as useful and viable options of playing, which is most easily made apparent when considering sound.

Sound behaves almost exactly like smell, only it happens instantly instead of spreading over time. How far the sound reaches and at what level depend entirely on the original level when it was created. The volume of the sound is spread throughout the map starting at the origin. It dissipates as it spreads. Any creatures within range of the sound are given the chance to react to it.

If the sound is too faint for the monster to detect, nothing happens. If the monster can hear it, a number of things could happen. If the monster is currently doing nothing, the monster will move to the cell with the loudest sound in it that is visible to the monster. If the monster is sleeping, some fuzzy logic can be applied to determine if it wakes up, considering how loud the sound is compared to the detection level of the monster.

The fun begins when you start to cause sounds to happen. Sounds could happen whenever the player moves or opens doors based on stealth. They could happen when fighting is going on, when a monster yells for help, or when a creature dies. They could happen from magical effects or even from putting on noisy armor. With proper textual cues, hopefully the user feels a little more immersed in what is going on, and what types of monsters they are up against.